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Welcome to DCMNET, the official diagnostic classification model (DCM) network. DCMNET is a discussion network for all things related to DCMs. It was created for and devoted to anyone and everyone interested in researching, applying, or learning more about diagnostic classification models, also known as cognitive diagnosis models.

DCMs are still relatively new to the psychometric community, but research is being done at what we believe to an unprecedented rate. In addition, there are many researchers interested in applying DCMs in their respective areas of research. We hope that DCMNET can be a network that connects DCM researchers and engages the DCM community in thoughtful and fruitful discussions. Whether you are a student just learning about DCMs, a psychometrician with an inquiry, or an educator interested in applying a DCM, DCMNET is an open forum to ask questions and have discussions with DCMers all over the world. 

DCMNET is currently operated by Matthew J. Madison, Assistant Professor of Education at UCLA. All correspondences regarding the listerv should be sent to him at mjmadison@ucla.edu. DCMNET is sponsored by UCLA Communications Technology Services.

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Subscribing to DCMNET is straightforward:

1) From the email address you want subscribed, send an email to mjmadison@ucla.edu. The subject and body of the email should read "Join DCMNET". 

2) Once your request is approved, you will receive a welcome message from DCMNET. 

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Matthew J. Madison

Psychometrician and Statistician