The LEAP (Learning, Exploring, and Advancing Psychometrics) Lab was established in 2021 and is located in the Mary Frances Early College of Education at the University of Georgia. We are a team of researchers interested in psychometrics, educational measurement and assessment, and quantitative methodologies with a focus on applications in educational research. We emphasize the L-E (learning and exploring) in all lab activities including applied and methodological research, qualitative field work, professional development, conference travel, and interviews with various scholars. Contact me if you are interested in getting involved with the lab. 

Lab Members


                                      Name: Matthew Madison (Lab director; he/him/his)

                                      Research interests: diagnostic measurement, longitudinal measurement, K - 12 assessment  
                                      Hobbies: basketball, golf, exercise, true crime

                                      Contact: mjmadison@uga.edu 


                                       Name: Sergio Haab (he/him/his)

                                       Education: B.S. Statistics (University of Georgia)                              

                                       Program: M.A. in Quantitative Methodology 

                                       Research Interests: psychometrics, item response models

                                       Hobbies: dance, martial arts, soccer, Dungeons and Dragons

                                       Contact: sergio.haab@uga.edu


                                       Name: Lientje Maas (she/her/hers)
                                       Education: BSc in Psychology & Mathematics, MSc Methodology and Statistics (Utrecht University)                           
                                       Program: Ph.D. in Quantitative Methodology (Visiting from Utrecht University) 
                                       Research Interests: diagnostic measurement, formative assessment, statistics education
                                       Hobbies: running, cycling, traveling, coffee
                                       Contact: j.a.m.maas@uu.nl


                                       Name: Al Moore (he/him/his)

                                       Education: B.S. Statistics (University of Georgia)                              
                                       Program: M.A. in Quantitative Methodology 
                                       Research Interests: diagnostic classification models, retrofitting, longitudinal diagnostic models
                                       Hobbies: weightlifting, jogging, gaming, Dungeons & Dragons

                                       Contact: acm01415@uga.edu

                                       Name: Armani Morris (she/her/hers)
                                       Education: B.A. Psychology (Spelman College)                              
                                       Program: M.A. in Quantitative Methodology 
                                       Research Interests: educational measurement, students with disabilities, moderation/mediation
                                       Hobbies: dance, cooking, exercising, (just starting) graphic design and YouTube

                                       Contact: armani.morris@uga.edu

                                       Name: Madeline Schellman (she/her/hers)
                                       Education: B.S. Mathematics & Psychology, M.A. Quantitative Methodology (University of Georgia)      
                                       Program: Ph.D. in Quantitative Methodology 
                                       Research Interests: diagnostic measurement, misconceptions, item development  
                                       Hobbies: mixed martial arts, soccer

                                       Contact: mas13@uga.edu

                                       Name: Selay Zor (she/her/hers)
                                       Education: B.S. Mathematics Education (Balıkesir University), M.A. Quantitative Methodology (University of Georgia)
                                       Program: Ph.D. in Quantitative Methodology 
                                       Research Interests: diagnostic measurement, item response theory, differential item functioning
                                       Hobbies: traveling, music, movies 

                                       Contact: selay.zor25@uga.edu

Lab Projects

Generalized, Multilevel, and Longitudinal Psychometric Models for Evaluating Educational Interventions (2022 – 2025). Institute of Education Sciences. 

Doubly Mixture Psychometric Models for Modeling Learning Progressions (2021 – 2023). UGA Faculty Seed Grants.

CT-STEM Pop-Ups4All: An RPP for Agile Learning (2020 – 2024). National Science Foundation.

Native STEM Portraits: A Longitudinal, Mixed-Methods Study of the Intersectional Experiences of Native Learners and Professionals in STEM (2020 – 2025). National Science Foundation.

A Family of Diagnostic Models for Evaluating Learning Progressions (2019 – 2024). National Science Foundation.

Matthew J. Madison

Psychometrician and Statistician