My main research goals lie in the advancement of multivariate psychometric models. Specifically, I have focused my research on a class of contemporary item response models called diagnostic classification models [DCMs]. In addition to methodological research, I collaborate with applied researchers to use DCMs and other psychometric models to answer critical questions in educational contexts.

Recent Research

Recently, I have focused my research in a few different areas. One such area is the development and application of longitudinal DCMs. Longitudinal DCMs support categorical and criterion-referenced interpretations of growth, and can be useful in the evaluation of intervention effects and study of learning progressions. For more on longitudinal DCMs, see here

I have also focused my research on issues related to the implementation of DCMs. One such issue is item influence. In cases of short assessments, common in the DCM literature, item influence becomes paramount as individual items can have a disproportionate impact on, or entirely determine, classification. We developed four indices to quantify item influence and distinguishes them from other available item and test measures. For more on item influence, see here

More coming soon...

Matthew J. Madison

Psychometrician and Statistician